We like to play fun games with kids! 

Helping Kids Poster Trained researchers from the Helping Kids! team visit primary schools and invite the children with parental consent to individually play a set of games for about 10-20 minutes. Children have shared that the games are fun and overall enjoyable.

During the game session, children complete tasks assessing an array of attributes:  empathy, intergroup attitudes, outgroup attitudes, social identity, recognition of social cues and categories and prosocial behaviours.

Child Scientist Certificate

These tasks use fun, child friendly measures, which, with the help of the researchers, make sure that the child feels comfortable taking part. When the tasks are done, the child is thanked for taking part in the study with a prize from the ‘prize bag’ and an ‘honorary child scientist’ certificate from the School of Psychology at Queens University Belfast. The child is given the opportunity to ask the experimenter any questions they may have about the study. If they have no further questions, they are returned to class.

Thanks to our funders, in 2017-18, Helping Kids! collaborated with Ana Tomovska Misoska (Macedonia) and Edona Maloku (Kosovo), and in Israel, Lipaz Shamoa-Nir and Irene Apfeld, and their excellent teams. In 2018-19, we expanded to Croatia in partnership with Jasmina Tomasic Humer, and conducted an exploratory exchange with Hyun-joo Song in South Korea.

Initial results and analyses are exploring the parallels and differences in these post-accord settings with Northern Ireland. We are excited to continue expanding our work to new settings!